What is the Thor Wheel?

Coin Master Thor Wheel

Play to win with the power of Thor...and his mystical wheel⚡! The Thor Wheel is an event containing spectacular rewards, including a very desirable grand prize highlighted in purple💜. In order to play the wheel and land on the rewards, you’ll use Thor Wheel Coins rather than Spins or classic Coins.

‘Round and ‘round the Thor Wheel goes. Where it stops, only Thor knows! Each reward can only be landed upon and collected once, so after you finish collecting one, Thor will gray it out on the wheel to help you see which rewards are still up for grabs. The only exception here is if you land on the grand prize🎁: The wheel resets, and then a new and improved wheel with even better rewards appears! What could be better than that?!

How Do I Find The Thor Wheel?

When the event is live, simply click on the badge in the Main Screen to be transported to the Thor Wheel.

How do I earn Thor Wheel Coins?

Thor Wheel Coins can be earned from Main Events, much like other rewards.

Will the event and the Thor Wheel Coins always be available?

When the event ends, the badge will disappear, so the event pop‑up and the Thor Wheel Coins won’t be visible until the event returns on a later date. Don’t you worry! We’ll keep your Thor Wheel Coins safe for you to use during the next Thor Wheel event.

May the chances be ever in your favor...to win those rewards, and maybe even the fabulous grand prize💜! Piggy is rooting for you!